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Cizer.Net Reporting uses Microsoft Reporting Services to extend the power of report authoring to all users and gives them excellent granular data security and intelligent global libraries

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Evaluating Cizer.Net Reporting 4.0 on our demo server is a powerful way for you to see if this the right tool for you.

To receive an active User ID and Password for the Online Demo Server, please fill out the Demo Server Registration form and we will email you the information you need to try Cizer.Net 4.0 in a real working environment. Information must be valid so that we can send you a User ID and Password. Cizer Software does not sell or disclose any personal or confidential information it collects from existing or potential clients.

*Logon access is granted until 06:00PM EST of the day you receive your ID and Password unless otherwise specified.

*Please note that the Demo Server will be offline daily from 08:00PM EST until 08:30PM EST for routine maintenance.

Should you wish to learn more about CNR 4.0 without actually accessing the demo server, feel free to sign up for one of our regularly scheduled webcasts.

To obtain login credentials to Cizer's demo server, please fill out the Demo Server Registration form
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