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Cizer.Net Reporting uses Microsoft Reporting Services to extend the power of report authoring to all users and gives them excellent granular data security and intelligent global libraries

on-line store refund policy

Cizer Software offers full-working copies of its various web-based report authoring and publishing tools for a 30-day evaluation period to anyone considering the purchase of their Cizer Reporting software products. There is no charge for the evaluation copy, and the Cizer Help Desk can provide pre-sales support to assist with the installation and use of the product during the evaluation period. 

Since these 30-day evaluation downloads are available, all purchases ordered from Cizer Software, either by credit card or purchase order/company check are considered final once the Activation Key has been provided by Cizer Help Desk to the end-user customer. 

In the event that a customer has difficulty with ordering via the on-line credit card purchasing process and has, for example, incorrect charges or multiple charges on their credit card for the same product or other extenuating circumstances, Cizer will facilitate a refund from the Credit Card Processing Company. All refunds will be given at management discretion. Should you wish to discuss this policy with a Cizer representative prior to purchasing our products, please contact us at 800-622-1240 Ext 404 or email us at sales@cizer.com

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