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Cizer.Net Reporting uses Microsoft Reporting Services to extend the power of report authoring to all users and gives them excellent granular data security and intelligent global libraries …

Introducing affordable, practical, browser-based, Data-Driven Performance Management.
Built on a solid foundation of Cizer & Microsoft technology, expertise and experience.

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Data drives your organization. You collect information about the world, and do business with it. It’s universal. Unfortunately the way that data is organized at your company - is anything but standard!

DDPM means you can get that data out – and look at it. You can get to it yourself, and you can USE IT to run your business. Your data can be used to manage & improve performance. And you can get to the data when and how you want to.

DDPM Web seminar from July 26, 2006, presented by Cizer and Microsoft
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Data Driven Performance Management Presentation with embedded Cizer.Net

  • View the data-driven performance management solution demo on the Microsoft Tax and Revenue Website

    • Scorecards with Custom Defined KPIs
    • OWC PivotTables & PivotCharts for on the spot analysis
    • Ad Hoc & Production Reporting with Parameterization
    • Single BI Data Source – Standardized, Current Data
    • Granular Security – all delivered Pure Browser

    The Data Driven Performance Management Solution is based on a solid stack of Microsoft Technology, and completed with integrated pieces of Cizer.Net Reporting - the most innovative Ad Hoc Reporting technology on the market today.

    The Solutions team at Cizer stands ready, with the experience, skills and commitment that makes us one of Microsoft’s premier partners in bringing practical Scorecard Solutions to Government. For more information…

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