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Cizer.Net Reporting uses Microsoft Reporting Services to extend the power of report authoring to all users and gives them excellent granular data security and intelligent global libraries

products Cizer.Net Reporting Security Web Service

Introducing Cizer.Net Reporting Security Web Service

In expanding our Cizer.Net Reporting toolset, we have released several web services with the new version of our reporting software, version 4.0. This Cizer.Net Security web service will allow other software products and services to communicate and interface with Cizer.Net Administration features from their own custom applications and solutions.

To help understand the functionality of this new CNR Security Web Service, a pre-built application has been developed that incorporates the various aspects of the web service. It should provide developers with clear examples of how to use it and how to implement it in some of their own solutions.

This document will act as a guide through the various functions of the web service.


  • The Sample Application of the CNR Security Web Service
  • Initial Setup Code
  • Administration of Companies
  • Administration of DataSources
  • Administration of Roles
  • Administration of Users
  • Conclusion
  • Download the full .pdf of the Cizer.Net Reporting Security Web Service here

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