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Cizer.Net Reporting uses Microsoft Reporting Services to extend the power of report authoring to all users and gives them excellent granular data security and intelligent global libraries …

products » Cizer.Net Reporting 4.0 Product Sheet

What is Cizer.Net Reporting?

Cizer.Net Reporting (CNR) is an application that provides technology for gathering, manipulating, analyzing and viewing data for the purpose of helping enterprise users make better business decisions.

Cizer helps people make better decisions by making accurate, current, and relevant information available to them when they need it.

How does Cizer.Net Reporting Work?

Business intelligence can be defined as the art of sifting through large amounts of data, extracting pertinent information, and turning that information into knowledge upon which actions can be taken.

Cizer.Net Reporting is designed to support the process of Business Intelligence by making data accessible to the people who need it in the browser environment.

  • Individual users can cross-analyze and perform deep data research rapidly for better analysis of information on an individual, department, or company level.

  • Managers are able to quickly compile reports from data for forecasting, analysis, and business decision making.

  • CNR supports a centralized catalogue of queries and parameters, maintained in a single location, that serves as the foundation for enterprise wide reporting.

    Why is Cizer.Net Reporting Unique?

    There is a lot of hype today about the value of Business Intelligence and how you can get the best tool for the job. What we at Cizer have realized is that Business Intelligence is about supporting the way individual companies do business with a tool that provides a universal reporting solution.

    There is no ‘magic bullet’ that will transform the data that currently flows thru your business into a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather you must know how to apply the tools to the data in order to form a perfectly functioning channel, designed to flow the way you need it to.

    Because the Cizer toolset relies on a solid Microsoft Platform, yet can connect to any OLE DB data source – we bring your BI to the desktop in the most flexible way possible. CNR 4.0 now seamlessly integrates with Sharepoint, Business Scorecard Manager, SQL 2005 Data Warehouse Solutions, and many other internet / intranet applications.

    Cizer works with all these tools, but most of all Cizer is designed to work for you.


    Personalized Favorites Page provides a portal where every Report User has their own favorites page that they can customize at will.

    Quick Query gives you the freedom to build ad-hoc reports with no training, completely in the browser. A report can be configured, formatted with drill-down and charting, and run in as little as 60 seconds. Quick Query’s point-and-click interface is the best front-end to Microsoft Reporting Services on the market today, with “Direct to Excel” integration to Microsoft Office.

    Report Builder allows you to create production reports from Global Query and Parameter Libraries, with wizards - completely in the browser. A report can combine 3-D Charts with drill-down, Matrix cross-tabs with drill-down, multiple report-linking, and cascading Parameters. Report Builder’s on-screen designer is the best Visual-Studio-like report design tool for Microsoft Reporting Services on the market today.

    Query Builder provides drag-and-drop visualization of Tables and Joins, so that you can graphically assemble and test SQL Queries, completely in the browser. A Query can be stored in the Global Query Library, connected to Parameters, and validated for correct data returns with SQL Trace information. Query Builder features a MS Query style graphical interface that is familiar to users worldwide.


    Cizer.Net Global Libraries with re-usable Queries and Parameters, mean you can have centralized maintenance of the building blocks that make up Reports. This eliminates the complicated overhead of other reporting products on the market today. These Report objects can be created, shared, and maintained completely in the browser for SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix & all other OLE DB data sources. Cizer.Net Global Libraries are the most flexible way to provide both Ad-Hoc and Production reporting capabilities to all Users at all levels of the organization, with support for both Private and Public publishing.

    Cizer.Net Admin delivers a complete multi-level/multi-company User and Role permissions structure, completely in the browser. User Logins can be automatically handled with integration to Microsoft Active Directory, with Dynamic Data Source Connections and Private/Public publishing to maintain security. Cizer.Net Admin, with its convenient thin client interface, is the most practical console for managing Microsoft Reporting Services today.

    Cizer.Net Web Services allow developers to embed CNR functionality inside other applications. Application Service Providers & Software Publishers are now able to add pre-packaged, customizable, web-based reporting components to their application toolset. New in CNR v 4.0 - you now have an option to run CNR without installing Microsoft Reporting Services. Cizer.Net Web Services provides the most flexible Software Development Kit on the market today for browser-based application development.

    Download the full .pdf of the Cizer.Net Reporting 4.0 Product Sheet here

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