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Cizer.Net Reporting uses Microsoft Reporting Services to extend the power of report authoring to all users and gives them excellent granular data security and intelligent global libraries …

products » Cizer.Net Reporting Drop-In Reporting 4.0 Developers Edition

It’s the piece of the puzzle you’ve been looking for…

CNR Drop-In Reporting is a robust, versatile, and cost-effective Reporting Module that you can integrate with your existing ASP.NET application to provide Business User Friendly Self-Service Reporting capabilities thru a pure browser interface with zero-client install.

We know you understand your industry. Supply Chain Management, HR, Finance and Accounting – every vertical and every kind of data has its own personal quirks. We know your system may be running against older data sources and your reporting requirements are currently handled by the Solution known as ‘the Reporting Guy’ on the third floor, however…

Data is data, and people need access to that data in order for Business Intelligence to evolve and do the company any good. Every application has data that needs to be tapped and used. So take Cizer.Net Drop-In Reporting d plug it right into your existing system.

What happens when you plug it in?

Cizer.Net Reporting, running on MS SQL Server Reporting Services, can hook into any data source that has a standard OLE-DB Driver available.

Global Libraries and a Cizer.Net Reporting Server that securely broadcasts using IIS provide the first level of BI – built once and managed centrally by IT staff and/or DBA’s. (No report model and no client installation are required for any of this…)

Cizer.Net Reporting even integrates with MS Business Scorecard Manager to provide a single-screen interface for measurement, analysis and reporting.

Cizer Quick Query & other Cizer Web Tools are available to users with a secure login, thru a pure-browser interface. Business Users login to a personalized reporting portal and do their own Self-Service Reporting, using the report server as the basis for their direct access to Personal BI.

Cizer.Net Drop-In Reporting works by hooking directly via web services to your ASP.NET application and providing full-featured, self service, ad-hoc reporting and production-style reporting on many different kinds of data - from legacy mainframe systems to the latest data warehouse.

What does this mean?

This means your custom application, with its established sources of data and input mechanisms, can easily integrate with the flexible, versatile, and cost-effective reporting provided by CNR Dev Edition.

Using the Cizer.Net Reporting Dev Kit also means you can meet your deadline and keep your customers happy because you can seamlessly integrate full-blown web-based reporting into your current application in a matter of days, all for the low price of $695 ($995 with support).

Is CNR the best technical and business decision? YES, because…

CNR on a Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services platform provides you with flexible, ad hoc RDL-XML generation and report rendering thru a pure-browser interface. That’s right, no client installation, no download, no hassle.

End users can be trained to use the interface with little or no class time required. Self service reporting removes the bottleneck that probably exists today between your report consumers and their data. Data quality control remains in your hands, but the pressure to produce lots of ‘one-off’ reports eases since Users can now access their own data by building/running their own reports thru the ‘New Reporting Module’ you just added to your application.

Download the full .pdf of the Cizer.Net Reporting 4.0 Drop-In Reporting here

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