Cizer Newsletter Issue 9, September 2006

We're excited about CNR 4.0!THE WAIT IS OVER: CIZER.NET 4.0 RELEASED
Including the features you asked for:
  Enterprise Edition
  Web-farm Capabilities
  Quick Query Charts, Parameters, Summary Reports
  Drill-through Reporting in Cizer Report Builder

The new Cizer.Net 4.0 includes all your favorite features from version 3.2, with lots of added Quick Query capabilities, drill-through reporting and the ability to administer CNR on a web farm. What's more, we've developed an Enterprise Edition where your company can host and administer the reporting needs of multiple branches, divisions or clients. Please download the CNR 4.0 Product Sheet (PDF), visit, or call 703-554-1425 for more information.

CNR 4.0 Enterprise Edition
Cizer.Net Reporting is now available with hierarchical security that allows Multi-Level Administration and Dynamic Data Sources. Now you can provide each division within your organization - or each external customer with hosted data - their own individual User-Roles-Libraries while you manage from the top as the Super-Admin.


Drill-through Reporting
In Cizer Report Builder, report Objects, or data contained in the objects, can be made into a link when the report is run, opening up a related report for more information. This is done by assigning Drillthrough properties to images, textboxes, cells within tables and matrices, or chart values.

Quick QueryMore Features, More Flexibility, Same Ease of Use...
Quick Query is Still Everyone's Favorite Tool

  Add Parameters to your Queries for more efficient access to data, especially with larger data sets.

  Add 3-D Charting and Logos for presentation-quality reports

  Build Summary Reports as well as the original Detail Reports, and even include Drill-Down in your Summary.

  Choose Pre-Defined Dates and Numbers, or enter Custom Formats to suit specific formatting requirements.

  Apply Count, Count-Distinct, Sum, Average, Min, or Max on any field that has been selected for the report.
Need help? Contact Cizer Tech Support, M - F, 8:30 - 5:30 EST

The CNR 4.0 downloadable zip files are now posted on the Customer Resource page for which you have a Customer Login ID and Password that was emailed to you at the time of purchase. We recommend that you download the which has the various .msi files for full and upgrade installation, as well as the documentation and release notes. Other file sets are also available for smaller downloads if you prefer. If you cannot locate the email containing your Customer User ID (your email address) and Password which was sent at the time you purchased CNR, please send an email to requesting a resend of that information.

To access the latest version of CNR, go to the home page and click on the Login link at the top right of the screen. You will be redirected to the sign-in dialog box. Enter your Login ID and Password to access the Customer Resource page with all the most current downloadable files. This page is only for those who have actually purchased Cizer.Net Reporting. Your current Permanent Activation Key will continue to work with this new version of CNR, and if you run the upgrade script, you will keep all the information (Users, Reports, Data Sources) currently stored in the software database. If you are interested in upgrading to CNR 4.0 Enterprise Edition, please email or call 703-554-1425.

If you are still in Evaluation mode, you'll need to request a new Eval copy by filling out the Eval Request form accessed from the home page, "30 Day Free Evaluation Download" link at the top right. This will be the full copy of CNR 4.0 Standard Edition, but you will be restricted to a 30-Day evaluation key. This zip file also includes all the documentation but it does not include the Security Extension for Outside Access or the upgrade scripts. If you would like to evaluate the CNR 4.0 Enterprise Edition, please email for your Enterprise Edition temporary activation key.

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