Cizer Newsletter Issue 5, February 2005

Cizer February 2005 Headlines

Coming Soon: Cross Tabs and Query Builder

New Features!Look for these new features and several other enhancements to Cizer .Net Reporting this spring. Get a sneak preview by scheduling a Live Meeting demo for late March or April.

Cross Tabs
Cizer Report Builder is adding cross tab style reporting with Matrix, Report Builder's newest feature. Group fields or expressions in the dynamic rows and columns of your report, with aggregate data in the data cells based on the intersections of columns and rows. Enable drill-downs, add sub-totals and labels. Cell formatting includes font styles, background and border colors, and data category formatting. Cizer Report Builder's Matrix provides all the cross tab functionalities you've been waiting for.

Query Builder
Cizer Query Builder is a browser based GUI interface tool for step by step complex query building. A query building wizard guides you through table and field selecting, grouping, sorting, and table joins. Compare your record set alongside your selected tables, filters and joins, view the SQL statement and save it; Cizer Query Builder empowers the end user without the need for weeks of SQL training.
Tech Tips: Installation Gotchas

When installing Cizer .Net Reporting, it is important to remember to change the default server name from "localhost" to the correct name of your SQL Server Reporting Services server. Leaving "localhost" as the server name will disable you from running reports from any machine other than the server Reporting Services is installed on.

Configuration instructions for Reporting Services and Cizer .Net with Windows SharePoint Services:

1. Enable Microsoft Reporting Services to coexist with Microsoft SharePoint Services by following the instructions from the RS Setup documentation (rssetup.chm). This information is found under the help topic “Troubleshooting a Side-by-Side installation of Reporting Services and Windows SharePoint Services”.

2. Add CNR to the Windows SharePoint Services list of exclusions.

STSADM.EXE –o addpath –url http://localhost/CNR -type exclusion.

3. Set the trust level of the “system.web” configuration element in the Cizer .NET Reporting web.config file by adding a line directly under <system.web> and inserting the code below. By default, the web.config file is located at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\CNR.

<trust level="Full" originUrl="" />

4. Use the IIS Manager to ensure that Cizer .NET Reporting is in an application pool that is separate from the SharePoint server.

Configuring Cizer.Net
with SharePoint
printer friendly PDF:

Configuring Cizer .Net with SharePoint.pdf

Las Vegas, anyone? If you're in Las Vegas March 1st, be sure to stop by The Venetian for the TDWI Winter '05 World Conference and say hello to Marc Waybright and Kaia Petin. Marc and Kaia are presenting Cizer .Net Reporting in the Microsoft Hospitality Suite from 7 to 9 p.m. Don't forget to enter the drawing for two free tickets to Cirque du Soleil's "O" at the Bellagio.

Live Meeting Demos: Accessible, Uncomplicated

Cizer Sales staff are available any day of the week to provide a Live Meeting demo of Cizer .Net Reporting. We'll answer your questions while we present Cizer .Net Reporting and its robust reporting tools. Schedule a Live Meeting in March and be among the first to get a sneak preview of our new features and enhancements, including Report Builder's Matrix and Cizer Query Builder.

You will receive an email invitation to your Live Meeting demo. At the appointed time, simply use the link provided in the email. If this is the first time a Live Meeting has run on your machine, you will be asked permission to download a small file. Once the file is downloaded, the Live Meeting screen opens. Call the provided conference number, and get ready for your introduction to Cizer .Net Reporting. It's free, it's fast and it's easy. What more could you ask for?

To schedule a Live Meeting demo of Cizer .Net Reporting,
email or call

Testimonial: Locus Technologies Implements Cizer .Net Reporting

"Cizer.NET Reporting will enable users of LocusFocus and EIM to design their own reports and run existing reports over the web without having to install or download any software onto their local computers. Cizer includes an extensive set of formatting and querying options, giving users the utmost in flexibility with respect to the content and organization of their reports. The combination of these tools, together with LocusFocus' other download and data visualization options, will provide environmental professionals with all the querying and reporting power they need to perform their work in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, Locus's corporate customers stand to gain tremendous savings when necessary report formats are not created independently by separate offices but, instead, are developed just once, after which they are stored and made available over the web, where all who have the appropriate authorization can access and run them," said Dr. Neno Duplancic, President and CEO of Locus.

"With the addition of Cizer reporting tools, Locus continues to provide its customers with a cost-competitive, centralized analytical information management system that is superior to any client-server system available in the marketplace today. As our client base continues to expand to private and government sectors, Locus is committed to meeting all federal and state electronic data deliverables for the environmental industry, and automating the complex world of environmental reporting," added Dr. Duplancic.

For more information about Locus Technologies, please visit their website:

eChecks: Leveraging New Technology

eCheckseChecks are the electronic version of a paper check, designed to meet the needs of businesses and consumers in the 21st century, using state of the art security techniques. Cizer has teamed with Digital River to bring our customers an easier way to purchase products through a secure website with a Credit Card or E-Check. Visit for more information about eChecks. To place your order for Cizer .Net Reporting today, visit our online store.

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